Energy Conservation at Ocean Cliff

Energy Enthusiasts

Ocean Cliff Elementary
  • Grade 4
  • Grade 5
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Students explored the significance of some of BC's important natural resources and how we use some of these to create energy. The importance of energy conservation was then investigated.
Students created plans on how they can have an impact in the local community by helping others conserve energy at school and at home based on their new knowledge about energy conservation. They presented their action plans during our 'energy awareness weeks' (the month of December) at Ocean Cliff and took various action around the school to help raise awareness about the issue of energy conservation.
Some examples included advocating for shortening showers, hanging clothes up to dry instead of the dryer, washing and drying in full loads, unplugging unused devices, filling the fridge with a jug of water (full fridge uses less energy), promoting optimal temperatures for your fridge, and turning off lights in unused rooms (at school and at home). Students made intercom announcements each week to the school, promoting that week's action focus, as well as making posters with fun facts about energy conservation related to their group's action.
Students created tally sheets for teachers to record the school's participation. They also rewarded classes who participated the most, as a way to measure their impact on their local community.
Curricular Competencies: Develop a plan of action to address a selected problem or issue identify problems or issues that are local, national, and/or global in focus Organize information to plan a presentation Prepare a presentation using selected communication forms to support the purpose of the presentation

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