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Power Savers

Abbotsford Middle School
  • Grade 7
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Our names are Ben and Zaid. Our plan was to find the biggest power consumer in  our school (Abbotsford Middle School) which is the microwave. We asked the teachers to unplug the microwave unless they are using it. The microwave takes up 1049 watts our lamp only took 38.3 watts.


Since microwave took the most kilowatts we had to come up with a plan. We decided that we would find a way for people to unplug the microwaves, that pan was…


To a sign on the microwave that said unplug after the eating period we will go around our pod to see if people are unplugging the microwave (after lunch). Then we will put a reminder on the whiteboard  we will advise that students and staff bring non microwavable foods like sandwiches or fruit. This will also help future generations because the we will not use as much power which means less greenhouse gases. Greenhouse gases is what is actually makes climate change. Video game which run on power, it makes you not have a good imagination if you watch for a long period of time.


We chose power saving because we thought it really made an impact in our lives it will also help future generations with climate change. We thought we would have to give up alot but even the small things make a difference I hope you like our project.