Environmental Monitoring and Digital Sensors


SD 64 OR#1 Saturna
  • Mixed Secondary School Grades
Video Project (1 video)

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In this story, we delve deeper into learning to be environmental scientists. We engage in fieldwork and share our experience of using digital sensors as we monitor and learn about the important ecological principles that support life.


The first action we took was learning about key environmental ideas and showcase our struggles to understand how to present on digital sensors. Furthermore, we applied these new skills in hands on field work. We used our temperature probe to measure the temperature of the water in Lyall Creek to support a salmon conservation initiative. For our second project, we used the nitrates probe in an area where there was Alder trees and Fir trees nearby each other look at changes in soil and succession.

Who are we:

SEEC - known as Saturna Ecological Education Centre is a one year integrated program based on Saturna Island. SEEC is much more than just a classroom, here at the Saturna School, we encourage learners to go deeper and immerse themselves in the natural world to feel, understand and act for protecting the environment. Our explorations integrate science, social studies, physical education, language arts to create a unique learning adventure that promotes critical thinking, social responsibility, and personal growth. We hope this comes through in our blooper filled video!