The Fairy Forest Trail

Shawnigan Lake School E-Club

Shawnigan Lake
  • Mixed Secondary School Grades
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Neil Trafford (Film Instructor), Laura Robson (Biology Teacher), Carol Harvey (Ceramics Instructor), Brydon Boyce (Woodwork Teacher), Vikki Agate, (Art Teacher)

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The Fairy Forest Trail

The Fairy Forest Trail project involved creating an interpretive trail for the Montessori Day Care that exists on the edge of our campus. It was a collaborative effort between various curricular and extra-curricular fine art programs. These include a Grade 8 Art class and a Grade 8 Woodwork class along with the following extra-curricular programs: Ceramics, Film and the E-Club (the driving force behind the project). In the end, a short trail through the forest next to the Day-Care was created with six small Fairy Villages dotted over the course of the trail. Each village was linked to a feature of this forest community. These included one each for western red cedar, red huckleberry, a wetland, step-moss, Douglas fir, and a harvested area at the edge of the forest. A brochure with a map of the forest and a few questions to ask the young hikers about each of the villages was designed by the E-Club and is made available from a small low-to-the-ground mailbox at the start of the trail loop.  

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