Forest Fridays at Maywood

Fab Forest Fridays

Maywood Community School
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Vanessa Lee

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Forest Fridays expanded from two buddy classes once a month to include more classes supporting each other, some visiting as regularly as once a week. Students have been exploring outdoor learning in our new "mud kitchen" and garden space (primary), and local natural spaces at Central Park in Burnaby. Intermediate students have been exploring various parts of the curriculum on Forest Fridays to better experience and interpret the local environment. In Science, they've been exploring systems, bears and body systems, and indigenous views of interconnectedness. This spring many classes at Maywood will visit again our favourite community places and participate in environmental stewardship by removing invasive species and/or conduct citizen science (plant or animal counts). Students have ventured out into their communities more regularly this year and by connecting to place and participating in stewardship activities have enhanced their "place-based knowledge", expanding also their understanding of some of the indigenous ways of knowing.