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The Fraser Heights Environment Club is excited to present the first-ever Battery Challenge! We educated students about the importance of battery recycling and encouraged students to bring their batteries to school to be recycled. To add a twist to our campaign, we held a class competition to see which class collected the most batteries. After witnessing the incredible success at our school, we reached out to Dogwood Elementary to promote battery recycling among the elementary students there. Our successful campaigns earned results that were beyond what we had ever anticipated, so we’re excited to say this is only the beginning!


Our second community elementary school, Woodland Park Elementary in Surrey, collected 21 kg of used batteries for recycling. In addition, the students from FHSS placed the battery quiz at that school, and provided a lot of Call2Recycle prizes for student draws.  We have left one Call2Recycle battery collection box for an ongoing recycling reminder.

We also collected a further 5 kg at our school, Fraser Heights, from students and staff for a total of 26 kg which is in addition to the 51 kg already collected and taken to a RONA Call2Recycle depot.

Secondary School Winner
Be a Battery Recycling Advocate Prize