Getting Outside in Kindergarten

Forest Friendly Kindergarteners

Walnut Road Elementary
  • Kindergarten
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Our Kindergarten classes are participating in daily as well as special activities that centre on the importance of ‘Place’. As part of our Indigenous and Science studies we have been trying as much as possible to learn about our local environment. We have learned a bit about our community’s history, culture and how these relate to our own identity. We have created memories in learning in our local space that hopefully will guide our future actions to protect and take pride in the nature around us. By the end of the year we will know our lessons were successful if students are able to talk about their local community and show how they can take steps to protect it. Some of our lessons this year have been as follows: *Bi-monthly explorations of our neighbourhood forested area. We have looked at Signs of the Season, observed what living creatures are there and even created pine cone bird feeders for the local birds. These explorations have led to unplanned lessons on what the students found interesting, such as leaf names, slugs and soil. *We have taken part in garbage and litter cleanup for our school. In our class we separate and recycle our organics, garbage and paper. *We visited our local Nature park to learn about the various trees and how to care for them. *We have engaged in Snow science. Students have come to see that learning is everywhere, even in our own backyard!