Gibson Green Team Project

Team Gibson

Gibson Elementary
  • Grade 4
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This is the Gibson Green Team. The Gibson Green Team is where our school helps us save the Earth. The Gibson Green Team is a partnership between Mr. K's grade 4 class and Mr. Furtado's grade 7 class. We have taken some of this knowledge from Greta Thunberg, and are spreading the news. We are doing this so we could save electricity, recycle, reduce plastic, and reuse (Mr. K's Grade 4s lead the Recycling Program at Gibson). The team has taught us that it is only the young people/younger generation who are going to be the ones to save the world from its imminent destruction, if we don't change our ways, and quickly. Currently , what we are doing is teaching the students/people to save electricity by closing windows when the heating is on turning on, turning off lights when they leave a room and wearing warm clothes so we don't have to turn on the heating. We are also teaching students/people how to save trees by buying reusable water bottles and not using plastic straws. We are doing out best to try to recycle by buying recyclable products, putting the tings we don't use in the right recycling bin and reusing paper, not using plastic products like plastic straws, plastic bottles and so on. This knowledge has carried over into many schools like Delview Secondary due to the fact that many former and future Gibson student go there since it is kitty corner to Gibson Elementary. Finally, every Thursday Mr K's Green Recycling Team pick up the recycling around the school. As well, every week Grades take turn going outside on the playground, and pick up garbage around the school. To sum up, we hope that this important message get out to the public, the school district and the school that we--i.e., the younger generations need to begin to repair the damage brought upon the planet by past generations