Gilmore's Clean Commute Challenge

Gilmore's Green Team

James Gilmore Elementary
  • Grade 5
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Gilmore's Green Team wanted to promote a school-wide challenge that was both fun and engaging for all students. They brainstormed various ideas and settled on a "Clean Commute Challenge" as one of their projects for the year. 

The first step was to come up with ideas on how this would look like. The team decided to conduct a survey (something they were learning about in math) on how many students 1) Walked to school 2) Biked to school and 3) Got a ride to school. They made a plan and a smaller committee went ahead to survey each class in the school. 

The results were very surprising! More children got a ride to school than those who biked or walked. Now it was time to share the results. Another committee took the data and put it into a bar graph (something else that they were learning in math).

The surveyers were also met with challenges when they visited classes. Some students explained that they lived too far to walk or bike. Others explained how their parents made these kinds of decisions and they had no choice. More reasons, including cold weather and busy mornings also came up. Although many of these reasons seemed fair, the team decided there was still room for improvement!

Moving forward, the class will be promoting more clean ways to commute to school. Warmer weather, incentives, and encouragement will be helpful! We plan to create and put up posters, set up a contest with incentives, do P.A announcements and do presentations at assemblies to spread the word about walking and biking rather than getting a ride to school. 

This is one of the many initiatives that the Green Team is taking on this year. We will be putting up a new graph in June with (hopefully) less people being driven to school!