Gilmore's Outdoor Space

Gilmore's Green Team

James Gilmore Elementary
  • Grade 4
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While the school community enjoys using Gilmore's outdoor space, we would like to use it more and with more purpose. A parent has offered to help us make the shed more inviting by painting the outside. She has planned 4 different scenes based on seasons for each side of the shed and will be inviting students to help paint certain parts of it as well. 
We would also like to add 3 new garden beds for our school community to use. One for wildflowers, one for exploration, and another for planting. Depending on how many funds we have, we hope to purchase some benches for classes to use. We have logs that a class can sit on, but benches would help make the space more functional. 
Along with this, we would like to start signing out a wagon to classes, filled with practical outdoor supplies, lessons, and educational resources. We have an iPad cart that classes use frequently - why not an outdoor cart too?! 
We hope to begin improving our outdoor space this spring. We look forward to seeing how small changes can make a big difference in how the space is used by staff, students, and our entire community.