Go Green Gleneagles

Div. 5 - Litterless Lunch Leaders

Gleneagles Elementary
  • Grade 5
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Our class wanted to reduce our waste by bringing litter free lunches to school each day. We track our success each week and celebrate our success to inspire more students to get involved. Since this initiative began, participation has increased steadily and students are having authentic conversations about the food they bring and the waste they produce. Students are excited to show others their waste free lunches and want to have their lunch photographed for the BC Green Games! We've also tried to get parents on board, who are often packing lunches at home, to get students involved in this process and to encourage them to send litterless lunches and snacks. Moving forward we'd like to expand this initiaive to be school wide, by having members of our team visit other classes in the school to encourage more students to get on board. We would also like to work with our school PAC to see options for how we can reduce waste on "hot lunch" days, since this has been an obstacle. However, it is encouraging that students are becoming more aware of the waste they produce and want to find ways to reduce their impact. We hope to continue this project beyond this current school year in hopes of making waste free lunch the norm at our school!