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Shop Rite Alert Bay recycling

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It took us a while to get our recycling program up and running. The kids had never done anything like this before and the school wasn't set up for recycling. We didn't have anywhere to store our cans and bottles, we had to wash them in the kitchen sink and we were in the dark as to what to do with them once they were ready for return. Bit by bit we got organized. We received the Return it recycling boxes and we placed them around the school. The first few times we emptied them they had bottles and cans but also garbage and old sandwiches. We realized we had to educate our younger students on how to use the boxes. We created a play and went around to every class using our play to explain how the recycling works. We made posters and advertising to support our play. The students really enjoyed it. Once we got on a roll with the recycling project things got easier. We toured our local Shop rite which takes recycling weekly and cashed in our bottles. The funds are going to a year end trip for the graduating class of Grade 7's. So far this has been a very enriching project for us. We learned, we taught, and we laughed during the whole process. It was a very worthwhile endeavor. 

Elementary School Winner
Return It Trip Winner