Go Green Upcycled Creations

The Green Team

Georges Vanier Elementary
  • Grade 3
  • Grade 4
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In Science students in Divisions 11 have been learning about "upcycling" which is one solution to deal with the plastic pollution problem. We read a true story  called “One Plastic Bag” by Miranda Paul. It was about a woman in Gambia, Africa who started a  upcycling project using plastic bags and transformed her community. Students have been learning the benefits and risks of using plastic in class. We watched videos of how other people were solving the plastic pollution problem in our community and around the world. Students were given criteria and were challenged to design and create their own upcycled plastic product that can be reused more than once. Students also watched a video about how a college student, Rob Godshaw recycled e-waste (electronic waste) and made it into art that can be used again. Students presented their projects to the class and did a write up where they had to describe their upcycled project and write how it would help the environment be more “Green.” Another group of students in my class wrote their own skit and acted it out at the school assembly to show students and build awareness about what “up cycling is and what everyone can do to help make a change.