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Recycle Magnets

Promontory Heights Community Elementary
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Steve Clegg

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This year our school refocused on recycling.  It is important to remember that person choices affect habitats and communities.  We are learning, discovering and researching how human actions can have a large impact on the environment. 

Our waste has one of the largest impacts on habitats.  Through our studies we have learned that recycling can help solve some of the issues associated with this.

Locally many trees are being cut down and sold for lumber.  On our main page is an example of a 140-year-old cooper beech tree that was cut down and sold to make guitars.  The developer is placing three houses on the property.  Majestic trees such as these should be preserved and a bylaw should be created to protect these rare specimens.

Our grade six class also had two huge bottle drives this year ensuring more of the cans and bottles are being recycled rather than being dumped.

We are encouraging all of our students and staff to think green.  By using less and recycling more.  Instead of just recycling paper, our school now recycles metals, plastics, paper, cardboard, etc. in our classroom recycle bins.  This has led to us putting half the garbage in the dumpster we used to.  Being the largest elementary school in BC, this saves a lot of waste hitting the landfills.

We also have a battery and pen recycling station and we estimate that we have saved nearly 200 pounds of batteries from hitting the landfills.

Last year we got a grant to get our school garden going.  This grant helped us make a big push to a greener environment.  We have bog plans to expand the garden next year.

We are all in this together!  Be part of the solution.