Grade 3 Garbage Club

CCS Grade 3 Garbage Club

Cloverdale Catholic School
  • Grade 3
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Cloverdale Catholic School (CCS) - Grade 3 Garbage Club

After discussions about 'Caring for Everyone in Our Common Home', my students initiated a club to meet on Mondays and Thursdays during lunch recess to help pick up litter around our school grounds and make a positive difference to help our community.  They made a sign up sheet for their club, then gathered materials such as gloves and bags to help them with their project.  They have worked well together and have kept tally sheets of the amount of waste they have picked up.  The small group has expanded to over 10 partcipants.  Also, they made a poster to help spread the news of their club and generate more members.  The Garbage Club is proud of their accomplishments and are motivated each week to help kept our school grounds looking "green" and "clean".