Green Fighters

Green Fighters

Ellendale Elementary
  • Grade 3
  • Grade 4
Photo Essay (3–10 images)

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In our school, the environment is very important to us. We as a school work on different strategies and habits that help us keep our environment clean for years to come. Our whole school helped plant tulips around our school because plants help the environment around us and provide clean air for us to breath. In division four, we use green strategies and habits everyday. Before we leave the classroom to go to gym, music, library or an assembly, we always make sure to shut off our lights. This helps conserve energy in our school. If it’s a sunny day, we like to work with the lights off. This conserves energy but it also is nice to work with natural light! In our classroom we love to draw! Instead of only using the one side of the paper we always use both. Our teacher also gives us the extra notices or worksheets so we can draw in the back of those. This helps reduces the waste of paper. In our school we also have a recycling and composting system. We have a blue box in our classroom to recycle paper, and an organics bin. This helps reduce the garbage we put into our environment. We recycle so the materials we use can be turned into something else. We work hard everyday to make sure our environment is kept clean for future generations.