Green Games 1

Owen, Chris, Gavin

Abbotsford Middle School
  • Grade 7
Photo Essay (3–10 images)

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Green Games Project Team Members’ Names: Owen Rice Gavin Walker Christopher McKay By using less energy we burn fewer fossil fuels in factories and that makes less pollution. And as we know we are killing our planet but even if we try and tell people they will listen but do it again. Another reason that we are doing this is that if we start saving power and energy we would be limiting our electronic time. And if we do this topic we will lower the cost of energy bills. So we think this is a good topic. Climate change is when weather patterns are altered (Changed) Through human activity. Global warming is one measure of climate change and is the reason for the rise of temperature. So climate change and global warming are pretty similar. Global warming is the reason for the rise in temperature. And climate change is when the pattern of the climate changes by human activity. In BC we are seeing more floods because the planet is trying to cool itself down, but we keep making greenhouse gases and that makes us the reason for climate change. It is making the planet hotter. And greenhouse gases are good for our planet but we are making too many greenhouse gases and that is harming our planet. So we need to limit the number of greenhouse gases that we produce. But fossil fuel is not good for the planet because when inhaled it has negative effects on people. For our project in using less energy, we will turn off lights as much as we can. Use less technology. And use less power/energy to make reproduce greenhouse gases benefit. Which makes less pollution and less harm to the planet. And I think we will do good with this. We are not going to use a community coach. That if we turn on the lights it creates smog in the air from the power plants and makes more greenhouse gases Yes because are project did because we saved a lot of energy and used less technology and by that, it creates fewer gases that harm the planet.


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