Green Generation

South Green Team

Burnaby South Secondary
  • Mixed Secondary School Grades
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We at Burnaby South Green Team pledge ourselves to promote and to effectuate green and sustainable initiatives and programs in our school environment. In the past few months, we took it upon ourselves the onerous task of replacing non-reusable plastic cutlery with biodegradable cutlery at the school cafeteria and implemented a used-pen recycling collection box — inspired by SFU and staples —in classrooms around the schools. The collected pens would, consequently, be sent over to recycling centers. As a result of the gained popularity of these initiatives, Schools around the district were keen on following in our steps. And through Burnaby Youth Sustainability Network, they were able to implement both the former and the latter in their respective schools. Through pursuing our own initiative to implement greener and cleaner programs in our school, we were not only able to impact our own community but make an impact on a district-wide level.