The Green Machine

Tree-t us right

St Margaret's
  • Grade 7
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Frances and Cory

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Our world is changing with the advance of technologies but this is impacting our world in a bad way. It’s not necessarily negative to create more inventions but making a sustainable world benefits everyone. Trees breathe carbon dioxide then they trap the CO2 and breathe out oxygen which helps a lot with decreasing carbon dioxide. Also, trees shade buildings, streets and houses. Our group wants to take advantage of the natural solution of planting trees in order to lower St. Margaret’s School’s carbon and ecological footprint. We have a serious planetary problem. We need to act now in order to come to solutions that understand the importance of balance. We also want people to be able to help so we tried to think of something anyone can try. Therefore, we made an activity called the 50% Challenge. What that means is if you have cut down trees, you replant 50% of the number of trees you have cut down. We think that this is important because it could really help our environment. We want people to know about the problem and we are not afraid to talk about the problem! A way that we are going to pass our knowledge on to others is having a poster saying we are selling cupcakes and the money goes towards planting trees. If we work together, we can save our world from climate change and not lose our planet's biodiversity. What inspired us to take action? Something that inspired us was the forest fires around the world as well as all of the diseases and fungus that are impacting the trees' health at our school. We went to see our school gardeners to ask them how many trees we have cut down. After that, we found out St. Margaret's School had to cut down about 10 to 12 trees because of 2 types of fungus that are hurting trees. 1. Phellinus Pipi; and 2. Phaeolus Schweinitzii. We hope planting these trees will spread the knowledge to younger kids in our school. Trees are really important to us. They are not just randomly there but are there for a reason and without them we wouldn't be here on earth. Something awesome about them is that trees can also help save energy by acting as a windbreak in winter. What did we learn? We learned more about trees and how to run a successful fundraiser. Also, another thing we learned is how important and fun it is to help make a more sustainable environment. What challenges did we face? Our group doesn't think that tree planting is a challenge but trees getting cut down, day by day is a challenge for all of us and the planet. There were so many things but the best thing to do was replace diseased plants with new trees. One of the challenges we are facing was figuring out a time that worked for the other class in so that they could learn and plant trees with us. What can everybody do to help? Well, something that we can do is look for different areas that don’t have any trees and plant them. Another thing that you can do is not use so much paper because they are made out of wood. So what we can do instead is go to Google classroom or Seesaw or other social websites and share information about climate change and solutions. This will really help our economy and the people around us and the animals too. The next step we’d do is make a website. We’d make a website because we want to make people more aware of our climate change solution and give more options to our audience. Another thing is to work on this project more at home.

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