Green Team and Garden Team - eco teams!

Fleming Go Green Go!

Sir Sandford Fleming Elementary
  • Kindergarten
  • Grade 1
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“Did you know when plastic bags are thrown away, they usually end up in landfills or in waterways and oceans?”  This one is of the green tips you will hear in our daily morning announcements from the Green Team at Fleming Elementary. They meet up once a month to come up with ideas to promote environmental sustainability in our school. The Green Team is currently making a short video on composting called Havana Banana; it will showcase which waste products go into the compost bins, rather than in the black garbage bins. This video will be featured at a school-wide assembly.  They also create posters promoting waste reduction and recycling, composting and energy conservation. These posters can be seen on the walls of the hallways in the school. On a monthly basis, the green teams collect and recycle dozens of pizza boxes from Treat Days.

Some classrooms have bins to collect markers that can be recycled. They also have a separate bin for recycling their plastic snack wrappers.

The Kindergarten classes in our school are observing the life cycle of plants in the classroom and outside in our temporary garden constructed by blue recyclable bins.

Our students frequently ask, next time you throw an item in your garbage can, pause and think, can it go into a compost bin instead? Or can I can keep it and recycle it at one of the bins at London Drugs?