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Steveston-London Eco Team

Steveston-London Secondary
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The SLSS Eco team has undertaken various initiatives to promote sustainability and to clean up our community. 
One initiative we have completed is our clothing drive. This is an annual event that collects clothing for different non-profit organizations, aiming to help low-income individuals as well as reduce the environmental impact of the fashion industry. This year we decided to donate our clothes to the Big Brother organization. 
Another initiative we have completed is our reusable bubble tea cup sale. Through this initiative, we raised money for the Amazon Rainforest to help battle their current issues with climate change, such as deforestation and wildfires. We chose a reusable bubble tea cup sale because we recognized that bubble tea is a very popular product among our peers, and our student body generates a lot of waste in the form of disposable bubble tea cups and straws. We sold 70 bubble tea cups and straws, raising money for the Amazon while simultaneously reducing waste.
We are also active in our local community through our park and street clean up initiatives. We adopted a local park and street near our school and we clean them throughout the school year. This provides an avenue for our community to see that their local high school is taking action against climate change and pollution.
We also have a weekly initiative that promotes proper recycling. We collect all the refundables from our school and sort them. This ensures that all the bottles, cans, and juice boxes can be properly recycled without contamination. Sorting is also a fun activity that gets everyone excited about recycling and helps raise awareness about the problem of recycling contamination, and we sometimes get students outside of our club to join in the fun!
One of our most important initiatives is our Elementary School Workshops. These workshops promote sustainability and environmentalism in our catchment elementary schools. This also aids in the recruitment of future Eco Team members coming into our high school. We held some awesome workshops last year, and are currently working on our lesson plans for this year.
Finally, we have a greenhouse initiative. We believe that a greenhouse can provide a new opportunity for students in our school to interact with nature and to provide fresh produce for our cafeteria, food classes, and biology classes. We are currently in the planning phase of our greenhouse. We have frequent meetings with the administration and have created a feasibility report detailing the positive benefits of the greenhouse and how we would build and maintain the greenhouse for years to come.