Growing Plants!


Abbotsford Middle School
  • Grade 7
Photo Essay (3–10 images)

Community Coach(es): 

Nadine Clarke

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People seem to not care about the environment around us.We’re trying to change that by reminding them to reuse plastic bottles.If we didn’t do this project, the environment would have less of a positive change. Plastic bottles are being constantly thrown inside the ocean/sea and we are not reusing plastic bottles for other possible uses.We will sell plant pots that are made out of plastic bottles to show the many ways to improve the environment. With the plants that we’re  growing, we are decreasing the greenhouse gases and reducing climate change. We're also planting vegetables to donate to the food bank and that helps the environment also sustaining people. 


 Climate change is what,the earth’s long climate period is changing into a cooler or warmer environment.In this situation, It’s a warmer environment. The earth’s carbon dioxide/greenhouse gases are increasing over the course of the year. Greenhouse gases are types of gas that’s trapping the sun’s radiation. With a large amount of the gases now trapping the sunlight inside the earth, it causes the earth to start overheating. Melting the north and south poles, which causes the increase of sea level and floods. Forest fires will be more frequent because of the heat the earth is absorbing, and with the ice pole melting, the white ice sheets can’t reflect the sun’s radiation.

Climate change is supposed to affect BC much more by the next few decades. The government is saying that BC is to be expecting drier summers, and there will be a 2% - 12% increase in the amount of rain BC will get by 2050. The strong heat will impact the society, and more rain will be put to pressure the sewer systems because BC hasn’t planned ahead for so much rain to impact us in the for upcoming future. 



 We will be using aluminium pop cans as flower pots, to put fresh soil into, so we can start planting celosia, tomato, and pea seeds. We’re going to cut the cans in half, and redecorate the pop cans with paint. Reusing aluminum pop cans could save a lot of sourceable energy, and it will reduce the impact of carbon dioxide in houses or outside in yards. The reason behind growing tomatoes and peas is to help out the homeless, and donate our freshly grown food to the food bank. We are growing celosia flowers to help clean the polluted air, because flowers appear onto plants, and they absorb the carbon dioxide using their leaves, and lets out fresh, clean oxygen throughout the air. 

Our community coach will be Nadine Clarke. She used to work for an environmental company in Jamaica.   


That the process of growing plants is hard without Emily and Rihanna’s mom’s help. We also figured out that the plants we grew will cause great impact on the earth / environment and also our community.


It couldn’t make any big changes to the world, but I’m certain growing celosia flowers have helped the small environment around them, and give out the clean air we need. Because flowers take in carbon dioxide, and refresh the air by letting out clean oxygen. They call this breathing process photosynthesis, all plants go through this process, and flowers grow on as plants.


Our action plan is still in progress.



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