Halloween package recycling

Robertson Raports

Robertson Elementary
  • Grade 4
  • Grade 5
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We at Robertson were racking our brains trying to think of a way that we could get our kids on board with recycling more.  We already have a battery and pen recycling in our classrooms and school, because of our projects last year, as well as recycle juice boxes and paper.  I was scrolling on Facebook when I came across an article about how London Drugs was going to collect candy wrappers from Halloween.  There purpose was to recycle wrappers that could be recycled and develop a method of recycling wrappers that cannot currently be recycled.  I immediately forwarded this article on to my grade 4/5 team and we all agreed that this was a project we could get involved with.  We sent out emails to parents asking for their help to collect candy wrappers.  The students were very excited to bring in their wrappers in shopping bags and store them in the classrooms.  We had to make an earlier than anticipated trip to London Drugs because we were running out of space in our classrooms.  The kids could actually see how much they collected and were very proud that this would not end up in the dump.  Next year our classes will definitely participate in this program again.