Healthy Oceans

Ocean Warriors

General Brock Elementary
  • Grade 3
Photo Essay (3–10 images)

Community Coach(es): 

Ken Armstrong- former biologist with a focus on aquatics

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Why did we decide to study oceans? JK- You should respect the oceans the same way you respect your friends and family OW- that's where some food comes from and there's ecosystems and animals down there HM- Without them, I would be sad at winter because oceans help regulate the temperature EA-We can't live without them, we'd run out of air What was your favourite part of the project? PW- I like the netting (with the garbage) because I like flipping it over to show the healthy ocean SS- I can't wait to present to show everyone how to support the ocean and reduce the plastics SC- I liked learning more about sharks RC- I like the drawings for the posters, like plankton, sea turtles, sharks, and sea sponges What are you going to do from now on to help the oceans? JK- I'm going to stand out and tell people to be good to the ocean SS- Do more presentations on why the ocean is important LM- Not going to use single-use plastics and don't buy from bad companies ML- When making art I'll use items that don't hurt the ocean