Help the planet

Earth Keepers

King's Christian School
  • Grade 3
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We began this journey thinking we would be learning about composting and reducing food waste. As you will see it quickly turned into something much bigger.  

Our first goal was to see what kinds of waste our school was creating and create a plan to help reduce that waste.  Our team (the Grade Three class) collected all the school’s garbage for two days and sorted it into categories. This was our launch point.

The areas we decided to act on were food waste and recycling.  To deal with food waste we placed buckets in all the classrooms and did small presentations to each class about what can be composed.  Every couple days we collected, emptied and cleaned each bucket. Our teacher had already acquired several composers for collection outside the school.  We used some of the compost to feed our worms as well. 

We also discovered an alarming number of plastic bags being thrown out.  After some research we found out that plastic waste is a big problem.  This lead to the idea of having a plastic bag collection in each classroom. Once again we went into the school classrooms to teach others about the problem of plastic waste and to explain what our bag bags were for (bags to collect plastic bags in each classroom). 

We will continue our compost and bag collection program for this year and set it up so it can continue in the years to come.  Thank you for this chance to learn. Even after we are making plans to use our compost to create a class garden.  Every one of us have taken our learning from our school to our homes and hopefully for the rest of our life.