Hyland Green Team

Hyland Green Team

Hyland Elementary
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The Hyland Green team is a student-facilitated group of dedicated, passionate learners that want to make our school and our world a healthier place. Since 2014, we have organized lots of projects so that the whole school and community can get involved, some of which are shown in our photo essay. On September 30th is National Tree day, so we decided to start there.

On a weekend, we went to the Surrey Nature Centre to plant trees. The space where we planted had invasive blackberry bushes before, so we replaced them with native trees, such as the dogwood, which is better for native species that have co-existed with them.

Behind our school is a beautiful creek that is home to lots of wildlife, including salmon. Every year so far, we have been involved in a program run by the City of Surrey and Salmon Marshals called “Take the Dip”, which tests the contamination of water. This year we found out that our creek is pretty clean and healthy, so it required no further work.

We also hosted a book swap, because we wanted to teach students at Hyland about how we can be responsible and reuse many materials. Using all of the paper produced in a year, we could construct a 12-foot high wall of paper from Victoria to Winnipeg! This book swap taught many students that second-hand items are just as good as new ones, and even better for the environment! Lots of students brought in and traded books, so it was a success!

From our success in past BC Green Games, we have won $2,500 towards green projects in our local community! So far, we have made efforts for water bottle refill stations and an environmentally friendly recycling and waste program, and would like to save up for low-flow toilets, solar panels, and a school garden. We also hope to continue with green projects around the school. Being environmentally sustainable is important to us, and is needed for the world to strive, so let’s all do our part to GO GREEN!