Innovative Cities

The Sustainable Epics

West Heights Elementary
  • Grade 5
  • Grade 6
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The Epic’s Guide to Sustainability

A list of five smart sustainable city samples, created and designed by students in grades 5 and 6, is an example of ideas we have for the municipality of Mission. Building our cities helped us with ideas for building cities for the future.

Our Ideas:

Fuel sources include solar and wind, hydrogen (by getting water from the ocean and using electrolysis), and thorium nuclear. Mission City could begin to install more innovative ways to provide fuel for homes and businesses.

Governments of the future will form teams throughout the city who report and share their ideas with leadership. People who are interested in different areas of the city could form teams to come up with new ideas on the future direction for Mission.

Technology will focus on eco-friendly projects to encourage the use of more electric cars, kiosk robots, water tech, IOT (internet of things) and robotics to reduce pollution, save non-renewable resources, and encourage more innovative ways to make life better for humans on earth. Mission could install more charging stations, decide on a future idea about what Mission will look like in 5 years, 15 years, and 25 years.

One of the cities addresses the issue of poverty and provides affordable housing for low-income people. It addresses healthcare which, in the city comes, for free. The food in the city also comes for free, in the form of a food bank. To help people go about their daily lives, the city invents new jobs. Another city even thought about natural disasters and came up with a top-notch crisis center.

We worked on the Chain diagram, shown below, to show what the United Nations, Canada, British Columbia, Mission District, and us, the Epics, are doing. Please click on the link provided to view it.


An explanation of how our sustainable cities meet criteria for the prizes.

• We used less single use garbage, so it didn’t end up in ocean, lake or rivers. At our school we got this new water fountain that stops students from using plastic water bottles and to use meatal water bottles instead because we can refill them.

• We inspired another grade 5/6 class in our school to recycle and be more sustainable.

• We also presented a presentation to the school, during an assembly, about being sustainable and more aware of what they can do to use less plastic and use less single use items.

• We tried reducing fossil fuel and some of the fuels are class used were hydro power, how it works is you separate the hydrogen from the oxygen, wind power, nuclear energy, and solar panels.

• We have a program with in the last five years at our school we have collected, and recycled batteries and we are in the process of building an inclusive playground and garden.

• How we have promoted our campaign on our school websites and social media.

On April 6 at 6 p.m., a delegation from our class is invited to make a presentation to the Mission City council members.