James Park Recycling Project

James Park Recycling Team

James Park Elementary
  • Grade 3
  • Grade 4
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James Park Recycling Project

Team Name: James Park Recycling Team

Recycling is very important to natural environment and the waters and ocean. Our school is doing things to help like setting up the recycling system because before we did not have any recycling bins we just chucked everything in the garbage. Our school also uses recycleable or compostable materials for our hot lunch wrappings so we can use less waste. Our class has a special marker recycling and soft plastics recycling system. The markers after all the ink has been used they get delivered to a factory and get remade into new markers. We also made art and books out of recycled materials. The soft plastic recycling is for things like plastic bags and granola bars and chip bags.

The environment is a space we share with animals and plants. We have rights and so do animals so we need to help as also being the top predator. We have to care for the environment not destry it, we have forced animals out of their natural habitats and we have to take care of what they have left.

The science behind our project is every time trash falls in to the ocean it disintegrates into small pieces over time or fish eat the small pieces as if it was food. Every time trash gets burnt it put holes in the troposphere. This increases global warming and global warming destroys the environment as much as littering. This is why we want to recycle and compost more. We will keep on recycling and use less garbage like in our lunches and snacks. This is our plan now and our future plan.