Kinder Morgan Awareness

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SD 64 OR#1 Saturna
  • Mixed Secondary School Grades
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Dorianna Chessa

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Our school, Saturna Ecological Education Centre , is entirely off grid; we use as little plastic as possible and recycle what we can. Because of this and our lifestyle, we feel a strong connection to our environment and feel a responsibility to keep it clean. This led us to creating this fictional video about the Kinder Morgan Pipeline.

We wish to point out that though the project will as they say generate more jobs these jobs will not be permanent and will in all likely hood force the Cheveron oil refinery in Burnaby to shut down.

This video is our environmental action to promote awareness concerning the Kinder Morgan Pipeline. Christy Clark laid out five conditions for approval of the pipeline. Two of these have definitely not been met and yet as of January 11th Christy Clark has approved the project. Our government has failed to properly assess the risks and benefits and we wished to shine a light on the subject.


We legally obtained the music from the GoPro free music archive.



 This project was organized and conducted by:

 Demaris Pritchard, Callum McGuffin, Devon Macdonald, Cianan McGuffin and Caity Macdonald.