Lettuce League

Lettuce League

Lynn Valley Elementary
  • Grade 7
Video Project (1 video)

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Our team, Lettuce League which is comprised of a group of grade 7 students from Lynn Valley Elementary, made a video to bring awareness to alternatives for food packaging that are sustainable. We have taken many steps to raise awareness to this issue. We interviewed a local business owner at Nourish market in Lynn Valley village on what he was doing to help the environment. His small steps can lead to big changes. We have also explained many ways of small simple steps such as buying a reusable water bottles or bringing your own containers to the bulk section of a store, that can help the environment. We also researched information about this topic and many of us have started to take some steps towards this ourselves. Many stores such as Nourish have taken steps towards a green planet. These steps could be refillable products, reusable or compostable bags, recyclable plastic, and selling products to help you become green. Our hope is to help people make aware of the packaging on the food that they buy and try to pick an alternative with sustainable packaging.