Light Savers

Light Savers

Morgan Elementary
  • Kindergarten
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Kindergarten Light Savers – Project Light Savers.



Our Kindergarten Light Savers picked Energy as the focus our project. Students brainstormed ways to save energy in the classroom.  Turning the lights off whenever we leave the classroom was  the most popular idea and first initiative implemented. The second way to save energy was lights off centres time from 1:30 to 2:10 pm.


Students were excited and anxious to take their turn flipping the lights off.  Because of its popularity switching lights off became a special duty and privilege for special helpers.  Upon reflection no one asked to be the person to turn lights on and it was usually a teacher task or a special request given to a student.


When asked why it is important to turn lights off, our Light Savers gave an array of responses including, “It saves energy,” “It keeps energy for important stuff,” “It will save water,” and “we  need light so much.” When students had lights off at centres they said they felt better, more relaxed, calmer and like they could lie down if they wanted to.  It should be noted that our classroom is west facing for afternoon natural lighting.


Our Special Helpers love turning off lights and students have been consistent in their desire to continue our initiatives.  Thank you Science World for initiating a project to help our class become more energy aware.