Local Economy And Nature's Rights 101


Sir Winston Churchill Secondary
  • Grade 8
Photo Essay (3–10 images)

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Be The Change Earth Alliance

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We started this project because we wanted to take actions for local economy and nature’s rights. We took action because we wanted to help the community that we live in as a society. So basically our story is that, we were working on our SLC booklets and we wanted a simple way to convey what we have learned. We thought that the best way to do this would be a comic strip, since drawings attract the eye. We would put information on both local economy and nature’s right because those were the topics we were both given. We summed up what we have both learned in the comic. We talked about the basic assumptions of nature’s rights and material economy. As well, we talked about possible questions that people could have and some facts we learned along the way. We have no plans for this project in the future, but we will do other things to do our part in stopping climate change.