Local Ecosystem Clean-Up

Environment Heroes

Capilano Elementary
  • Grade 3
Photo Essay (3–10 images)

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The grade 3 students at Capilano Elementary have been learning about our local ecosystem and the impacts humans have on their environment. Specifically they have been looking at food webs and what happens to the whole food web (and beyond) when one part of a food web is impacted (e.g., a decrease in a fish species due to overfishing). After learning more about ocean litter, deforestation, overfishing, and climate change, students decided to take action. Students generated ideas and voted on a plan of action. They decided they would like to focus on supporting the living things in their neighbourhood environment which has a pond, creeks, and various forests. Currently students have completed a few clean-ups in the area focusing on picking up litter left in the neighbourhood but they are also planning a beach clean-up for the spring. Further, students began an environment club at the school and run mini classes to Kindergarten students on Tuesdays at recess to teach them about stewardship. So far the teachers are seeing a growth in stewardship amongst the students and our neighbourhood is becoming cleaner, and ultimately the species living within it, healthier. We look forward to continuing our stewardship journey.