Lyall Creek Salmon Restoration


SD 64 OR#1 Saturna
  • Mixed Secondary School Grades
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Rick jones

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Project topic:

This video is about taking action on a Salmon Conservation initiative and learning about the importance of Salmon to the west coast of British Columbia. Our school, Saturna Ecological Education Centre (S.E.E.C) is an outdoor school on Saturna Island. During the school week, we stay In off-grid cabins powered by solar and Micro Hydro. Going to school at (S.E.E.C) we get to connect to nature and the environment. Because of this connection to nature we feel more strongly about protecting the environment.

Project background and details:

After learning about salmon in school we decided that we wanted to do more. We talked to Rick Jones, a member of Lyall Creek enhancement Society on Saturna island to find out what we could do to help. He had us assist him in putting 60,000 Chum eggs in Lyall Creek. Ever since we've been monitoring the temperature of the stream to discover the number of ATUs, Accumulated Temperature Units, this tells us roughly when the eggs will hatch.

When we were researching salmon we discovered there was a local salmon stream on Saturna that has had lots of restoration work done on it. In 2003 Saturna residence teamed up with Parks Canada to re-establish the chum salmon population in Lyall Creek and improve conditions for coho and cutthroat. They had to replace the small culvert that was impassable to Chum salmon for a larger Cement Culvert. The creek bed was then excavated to remove 800 cubic meters of sediment from the stream. Every year since the restoration, Goldstream Hatchery has been providing thousands of eggs for Lyall Creeks incubators.

All media in this project has been produced by our class or used from copywrite free sources labelled for reuse.