Maple Creek

Team 6 Div 21 & 22

Maple Creek Middle School
  • Grade 6
  • Grade 7
Video Project (1 video)

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City of Coquitlam, Maple Creek Watershed Stream Keepers

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Our group consisted of 4 classes but we split up into 2 classes so we could submit one entry for each of the two classes.

Our group was div 21 and 22 , grade 6/7 students at Maple Creek. As part of the science curriculum this year our students are learning about evidence of climate change over geological time and the recent impacts of humans.

We have a salmon bearing creek called "Maple Creek" running through the school property and it has been overrun with invasive plant species as well as garbage. We joined up with the Maple Creek Watershed Stream keepers to gain a better understanding on how we could help keep the creek healthy for the salmon.

We also teamed up with the City of Coquitlam to help support us with the removal of invasive plants, which will happen on March 14th.

Early this year Div 21 & 22 went out around the creek to pick up garbage and that is where you see a lot of the video footage from. This is something that we will continue to do on an ongoing basis.

Later in the spring the students will be learning about water testing and taking samples from the creek. Another goal for the school is to have the students involved in the releasing of the salmon into the creek as well as the monitoring of their return.

Our hope that this partnership between the school and the streamkeepers continues on after next year.

Our students have learned how important the creek is that their school takes their name from and they have really enjoyed being involved in this project.