Marker Mayhem

Brooke Bears

Brooke Elementary
  • Grade 4
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We are 2 classes of Grade 3-5 students from Brooke Elementary in North Delta who organized a marker collection and recycling program at our school.


When asked what they thought was an area that our school needed to work on with regards to recycling, students came up with the idea of recycling markers:


"It will help our community and maybe other schools, cities and countries to start to give their markers to Crayola to recycle." - Alessia and Avery

"It’s good for the environment. It re-uses materials rather than creating new ones." -Olivia and Kayla

"Recycling markers will lessen the amount of garbage that is being thrown out at our school everyday, bit by bit." -Kaylee and Chloe 

"It is better for our planet because our school throws out a lot of dried up markers. They go into our landfill and if we recycle them, they can become something new." -Beth and Chloe 



Students researched about how many markers are ending up in our landfill and why they aren’t being recycled instead. During the research, they found the Crayola Colorcycle Program. Through this program, markers are able to be recycled and repurposed. Students began to realize just how many markers are being thrown away at our school on a daily basis, by both students and teachers. This then led to students thinking about how many markers must be ending up in the landfill in our community, in Canada and around the world. This project is important at our school because all students and teachers use markers, but everyone was throwing them in the garbage when they dried out. Nobody knew about the Colorcycle Program. By providing classrooms with marker recycling boxes, all students and teachers are being reminded daily to recycle their markers and help the environment.


Steps we took:

  1. Researched about recycling and how Crayola is helping to keep markers out of our landfill

  2. Created posters for every classroom in our school to remind students to recycle their markers

  3. Created recycling boxes for classrooms and the library for students and teachers to put their dried up markers in

  4. Reached out to the local community by sending home posters about our recycling project, asking students to collect markers from family, friends, teammates etc. 

  5. Emptied marker collection boxes every few weeks

  6. Counted and boxed up markers to ship off to Crayola to be recycled 

  7. We will continue to promote our recycling project until the end of the school year 


We began our marker recycling collection project in November and it is currently on-going at our school. From November until February, we were able to collect 1601 markers, 4 full boxes, from teachers and students at our school, as well as members of our community through our outreach to extra curricular teams, family members etc. We will continue to collect and count markers for the remainder of the school year.


After this project, our students are much more eco-friendly and looking for new ways to better our local environment. They have realized that every little thing counts. We can all contribute to helping our environment by doing something that seems so little, such as recycling markers. 

We are all Colorcycle Champions at Brooke Elementary!