Marker Mission

Edith Cavell Div. 12

Edith Cavell Elementary
  • Grade 1
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Division 12’s Marker Mission

Here in Division 12, we take recycling seriously. We make sure we recycle the usual paper, plastic, and metals in our blue recycling bin. We have a food waste bin for compost and used paper towels. What may be different from other schools is how we have also implemented a school wide recycling program for all the markers, mechanical pencils, whiteboard markers, and writing pens that would otherwise end up in the garbage. An estimated 1.6 billion pens end up in the landfill each year. That’s just pens. It doesn’t include all the other types of writing tools that get tossed after drying out!

At the beginning of the year, students from Division 12 went to each class in the school to educate other students and teachers about the number of markers and other writing tools that end up in the landfill. Each teacher was given a label that went onto a collection container for them to keep in their room. This served as a daily reminder that writing tools should be collected instead of thrown out. Five months later, the students went class to class again to collect all the saved markers. We tallied all the items and discovered we had collected 1471 markers and pens! That does not include all the extra marker lids and various pen parts that were collected as well.

The items will be dropped off at Staples Canada where they will be sorted, cleaned, and shredded before being made into new recycled products. Our Marker Mission is by no means over as collection containers
will stay in classrooms until the end of the year. Division 12 students will do another collection before school lets out for the summer!