Mason Bees

Bee Friendly

Abbotsford Middle School
  • Grade 7
Photo Essay (3–10 images)

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As we all know, The Earth is heating up, which is called the climate change. Climate change is affecting the mason bees.  The average temperature each year gets higher and higher.


Our idea is to save the mason bees. Mason bees, these small bees are the hidden gems that help to pollinate our gardens and fruit trees. Mason bees do sting, but their sting is more like a mosquito bite. The amount of mason bees living on this planet is decreasing miraculously. Because of climate change on our planet.

We are making a mason bee house. As we are making this we will take pictures of what we are doing. We will begin the project once we have got the materials we need.


  1. We will build a house like structure out of the bamboo.

  2. Then we will put the cardboard tubes inside the structure until it is full.

  3. We will put bee food in the cardboard tubes to attract the mason bees.

  4. We will ask Mr. Beck if we can place the bee house on the roof of our school
    A. if yes we will put it on the roof of our school
    B. if no we will find a bee society and donate it to them (e.x. The Sunshine Coast Wildlife Project).

  5. We will make a slideshow of pictures we took and submit it to bc greens games.


1. What did you end up doing for your action plan?  What got completed?  Was there anything you added or missed?

Until now, we have our poster done, we are still missing the bamboo, without the bamboos, we won’t be able to make our mason bee house, so I guess that is the thing that needs to be added or missed.



2.  What was the most interesting or surprising thing you learned about your topic?

I learn that there are three main reasons that are causing the mason bees dying out: global warming, poison, and parasites.



3.  What was the most difficult thing about working on this project?

The most difficult thing about this project is probably when we have to present our poster to the students



4.  What did you learn about planning your time, meeting deadlines, and working with group members?

I learn that If you are doing something, do it as fast as you can, and then fix your mistake after.



5.  Now that you have finished your project, what would you do differently next time?

If we have an another Green games project, then I would do everything faster, and then I would have more time to fix things.



6.  If there was another month for the Green Games, how could you add to your project to make it better?

I would have done my poster better and I would finish my mason bee house.



7.  List your sources (bibliography) that you used.

N.a. "The Death Of Bees Explained – Parasites, Poison and Humans - YouTube." Youtube.com. n.d. Web. 1 Mar. 2018. <https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GqA42M4RtxE>