MCO School Grounds Clean-Up

MCO Div. 2 and 10

Dr H N MacCorkindale Elementary
  • Grade 1
  • Grade 6
  • Grade 7
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Every week, MacCorkindale’s Division 2 (grade 6 and 7s) and Division 10 (grade 1s) students meet up for big and little buddy time. The time they spent together is meant for a bonding experience and together they work on a variety of activities together, such as coding, sewing, and art. For Green Games, it made sense for the two classes to collaborate on a school grounds garbage clean-up. This was a direct way for students to see first-hand the amount and types of garbage left on the playgrounds, gravel field, basketball court, and grass areas during recess and lunch. We had a discussion of the garbage we collected and how some actually do not belong in the garbage. For instance, juice boxes and cans could be recycled at a bottle depot and apple cores and banana peels went into the green bin or compost. In addition, strategies to minimize waste was also discussed such as putting wrappers into pockets if you are on the field or throwing them away before heading outside. Overall, though it was a small initiative, students gained insight on the amount of waste the student population could generate as a whole. Hopefully, this has made an impact on their waste reduction habits at home.