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Belmont Elementary
  • Grade 5
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Sarah Barrette

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At Belmont Elementary in Langley, students in grade five and six were assigned small, randomized groups and asked to work cooperatively to identify problems within either our community, country, or the world at large. Students contemplated the causes and effects of diverse environmental issues and brainstormed steps they could take towards solving or mitigating these problems.


Driven by their shared concern about global warming and climate change, one group researched the impacts meat production has on the environment. They found compelling statistics from sources like David Suzuki and National Academy of Sciences about how reducing or eliminating meat from our diets is necessary to protecting humanity from runaway climate change. They also defined terms like greenhouse gas emissions, global warming, climate change, etc.


All this research led to the idea of a “Meat Free Week” and went into developing the content for a campaign from March 1-7th. Motivated by Suzuki’s mantra that “eating less meat will reduce Earth’s heat,” the goal of Meat Free Week is to encourage kids and adults to take a pledge to not eat meat for a week and join the fight against climate change.


The group sought help from an expert in the creation of promotional materials for the campaign, including posters and a website - http://www.meatfreeweek.ca. They worked with the designer in the selection of a logo, photos, recipes, and other content for the website. They used art, design, and technology skills to help create these materials and launch them in their school community.


The group also presented their campaign within their school and on social media platforms in order to get pledges. 75 pledges have been made as of today.


Next week during March 1-7, the group will be sharing info about food and climate change via their blog, including “Did You Know” facts and defining common environmental terms in plain language for kids of all ages to understand.


The group aspires to make Meat Free Week an annual initiative in their school. They challenge other schools to do the same!


More information can be found at www.meatfreeweek.ca

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