The Morgan Battery Collectors

The Morgan Battery Collectors

Morgan Elementary
  • Grade 3
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As a group we wanted to participate in the BC Green Games and after reviewing a variety of green initiatives we decided on recycling single use batteries.  We decided on this project because many of us felt like we knew we could recycle batteries but few of us actually were recycling them. We learned that batteries that are not recycled will usually end up rotting in a landfill and may leak different chemicals into ground causing pollution.  We first had to research where the batteries could be recycled locally. We determined that many local stores would recycle batteries from Staples to London Drugs and even Pharmasave. We reached out to the students, families, and teachers by displaying posters, putting information in school’s electronic newsletters, and speaking at a whole school assembly. We encouraged our school community to bring their used batteries to school so we could collect and recycle them.  We did a weekly collection from each classroom around the school.  We have been proud to see the success of this initiative and we have collected two boxes of batteries so far.  We plan to continue this initiative throughout the rest of the school year to see how many batteries we can collect.