Nature and Us

Environment Protectors

Genuine Learning Academy
  • Mixed Middle School Grades
Photo Essay (3–10 images)

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We decided to take action by going outside to have fun, clean up, and enjoy nature. We took our group photo after a walk to the park. We looked for litter on our way there, and plan to clean up every week! We have created color drawings, and recycling art, with messages about the Earth to share with everyone.  Our project includes nature, church and school sketches, and pictures of us enjoying being outside. The photos are of different class trips, where we saw animals and photographed our surroundings. Some pictures are around town at places we visited, or at home at our school, in our own backyard. We have an ongoing project to consider ways to spend time outside, keep the world clean, and love our natural world!

Whether we are walking, playing basketball, travelling around, or looking out the window, we know that we have God on our side to help us protect and love where we are! We appreciate the days and seasons, animals, trees and wondrous sky! We are grateful every day to live in such a beautiful place!