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Brackendale Eagle and Environmental Task Force

Brackendale Elementary
  • Mixed Primary School Grades
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Eagle Watch Society

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The Grade 4/5 and K/1 classes at Brackendale Elementary teamed up together for a number of school initiatives aimed at making our local environment a better place. We've done a buddy learning project on our local Eagle's which included a presentation from our local Eagle Watch Society. We went to see the Eagle's on a field trip as well and learnt about their way of living. We also did a collaborative Eagle research project together. We've done other inquiry projects into how we can make our local community a more sustainable place as well as more environmentally friendly for the Eagle's in addition to all the other native animal species of our area. Both classes have been learning about thinking globally but acting locally in our own class with initiatives that help the environment. Some current inquiry projects students are working on include a a forest clean up where the Eagle's live, Eagle education awareness posters, a solar oven, composting and paper recycling campaigns.