Pollination Station

Honey Huggers

Promontory Heights Community Elementary
  • Grade 3
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Tania Toth- SSS Agriculture Teacher, Joe Massie- SSS Agriculture Teacher, Josef Seyward- Beekeeper, Brian Minter, David Suzuki.org, BCAITC

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Our students love bees! Did you know that 1 out of every 3 bites of food is made possible by bees? When our Grade 3 students began learning about bees and the challenges they are facing, they wanted to do something to help. We visited our bee yard, which is located on the Sardis Secondary Agricultural Farm. As winter approached the students noticed the farm slowing down and with it, the bees food supply. “We need to feed the bees!” The kids began planning a pollination garden that would include plants for the bees through early, mid, and late season. They researched plants that attract bees using the David Suzuki Foundation website. Next up, prepping the garden bed on a sunny, but cold February. We found that digging is hard work! The secondary school students are going to help us finish the garden bed so we can plant in the spring.

“Digging is hard, but today I was literally a real farmer!” Tristan Giles, Grade 3.

Our next step is to visit Minter Gardens to pick out our top pollinator plants that will feed our bees when they are most vulnerable; early spring, late summer dearth, and into fall. By doing the Fresh to You Fundraiser, through BCAITC, we will be able to purchase some of our top pollinator picks- winter heather, hyssop, and sunflowers. On our future wish list is kid-sized bee suits so they can get some hands-on experience inside the hives.

We are anxiously awaiting planting day and seeing the bees gather nectar and pollen from our Pollination Station! This is a sustainable project that will keep the bees and our students busy year after year.

At Promontory Heights Elementary our motto is “Strong Learners, Kind Hearts” and we think helping our tiny bee friends is a kind, smart way to help the earth.