Pollution To Pollination


Templeton Secondary
  • Grade 8
Photo Essay (3–10 images)

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Pollution to Pollination By: Kiana, Julia, Emily, Nina, & Kaden

Imagine this, the year is 2023 and you are heating up frozen vegetables from 2020. Fruit and vegetables are rationed, meat does not taste as healthy, but at least no one gets stung by bees. But still a pretty bad life, right? This reality could become a reality. One day I was walking home from school in late Autumn. I saw a bee on the sidewalk and carefully scooped it up. I read that if a bee is exhausted, warm it up, and let it drink sugar water. I have never been this close to a bee before, so I took some pictures to remember this moment. Some people are afraid of bees and confuse their lack of knowledge as ‘hate.’ But I realized that bees, and humans, are quite alike. We both work hard until death. This gave me an appreciation of bees. -Kiana

To be honest, we did not know what to do at first, until Kiana thought of bees. I did not like the idea of choosing bees for our topic because I hate bees, but we decided to choose bees because they are going extinct. I do not like bees in general, but I wouldn’t want some insect to just die. So, five of us came together to do a project about bees. I hope after you read this project, you can try to stop bees from getting extinct. -Kaden

We chose bees because we did not know what to do and Kiana already started doing the bee presentation, so we decided to go along with it. Overall, it was an appropriate choice to choose bees. -Julia

It was difficult to find an original idea for this project. Kiana’s suggestion for a bee-related presentation sounded original and although some people did not agree to it at first because of personal feelings towards bees, it turned out all right. If we could get past this type of hostility, I believe we can work together to help save the bees and our future. -Emily.

Our goal is to bring awareness for bees, and for everyone to help a bee in need! Thank you for listening to our presentation. Have an excellent day. ~Sincerely, Kiana, Julia, Emily, Nina, & Kaden :)