Pop Up Cafe Book STOP & Clothing SWAP

Sustainable Reynolds

Reynolds Secondary
  • Mixed Secondary School Grades
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Kim Kendall-One Planet Living Principles, Cora Hallsworth One Planet Saanich (Municipality of Saanich)

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Reynolds Secondary School is proud to say that they have been engaged in “Green” initiatives for a long time now and have entered the BC Green Games every year since it began in 2008! We have created projects over those years which are now ongoing and part of the culture of our school; our school courtyard garden, the local organic weekly salad bar, our chicken fostering project, reclaiming the Garry Oak Ecosystem at the front of our school, the recycling and composting program that we piloted for the school district… many of which have become more comprehensive as they have evolved over time… but one thing we have always struggled with is the whole reducing waste in the first place concept. Projects we have tried in this area just haven’t had the same effect in becoming part of the culture of our school but we think we are now on to something! In the Fall we were invited by the Municipality of Saanich as one of three schools in the CRD to be a stakeholder in their One Planet Saanich Initiative https://www.oneplanetsaanich.org/ that is bringing together municipalities, organisations, businesses, schools and community groups in Canada (Saanich), Denmark (Elsinore), South Africa (Durban), Russia (Tarusa) and the UK (Oxfordshire) to make our cities better places to live!” This entire One Planet Living Project will be an entry for another time but other schools may wish to check out the following great resource: http://storage.googleapis.com/www.bioregional.com/downloads/One-Planet-L.... This year we came up with our Pop Up Cafe Book STOP & Clothing SWAP idea which has the elements we look for to truly become part of the culture of our school like the others and create lasting behavioural change. It is a very flexible arrangement where we POP UP any time we are ready with more items to sell and share, covering multiple aspects of the One Planet Living Principles:
1. Health and Happiness-- provides a place to gather, be together in community, hang out and enjoy locally made products, Swap clothing and Books
2. Equity and Local Economy-- creates and sells locally created items like dried herbs for Thanksgiving, dried apple chips and applesauce, garden created lavender lip balm...
3. Culture and Community-- connecting to elementary schools to create nature art cards as a backdrop to meatless recipes and local climate change stats as well as learning art projects, Popping Up in the community as well as the school such as at our monthly parking lot Community Recycle Depot, U-Vic Ideafest and other schools
6) Local and Sustainable Food-- using our own courtyard garden and local farms for making our goods
8) Materials and Products-- creating a culture of SHARING for reusing items like books and clothes
9) Zero Waste-- remembering that REDUCING & REUSING comes before RECYCLING

Students are dropping off books and clothes regularly and as we harvest seasonally we are creating apple sauce, dried herbs, teas, lip balms, salves, picked beans, apple chips.... Whenever we have a good supply we Pop-Up with chairs, table, crayons & butcher paper, crates of books, used clothes, our sign and our wares. People can hang out take a book to read, find some clothes that are ‘new’ to them, eat some tasty treats and grab a card artistically designed by some local elementary students and learn more about how they can live vibrantly sustainably on our planet Earth! We’ve even taken our Pop-Up Cafe to a local elementary school where we encouraged students to bring in reused items and create a reused material art project to help them understand the importance and FUN of reusing and stopping our cycle of consumption. We have ideas to expand and promote the reusing and sharing community further by having used clothing fashion shows prior to the Pop-Up Shop showing up :-) The wonderful thing is that our model can adapt to so many other opportunities as they arise and is reproducible anywhere!