Port Moody Secondary Electronics and Battery Drive

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Port Moody Secondary
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The Port Moody Secondary Green Team is proud to present this year’s project: the Electronics and Battery Recycling Drive. As many of our members learned in school courses like IB Geography, the improper disposal of electronic waste, or “e-waste”, is a serious problem worldwide - for both humans and for the environment. E-waste that isn’t recycled often ends up in landfills, where toxic heavy metals pose a threat to soil and water quality. Alternatively, it might make its way abroad for disposal, which often entails burning, drastically affecting air quality and human health. Given the scope of negative impacts of improper e-waste disposal, Green Team members questioned how we could combat this problem on the local scale. As a result of our inquiry, our small but dedicated team chose to bring e-waste recycling to Port Moody Secondary in the form of a month-long Electronics and Battery Recycling Drive. Unlike previous years, this year’s drive focuses on promotion and awareness. Green Team members communicated the Drive to the school community in a number of ways, including hallway posters, handheld signs, announcements, emails to staff, talks at staff meetings, and word of mouth. In addition, we let our school community know that options for e-waste recycling exist outside of the Drive, such as drop-off points at Return-It locations across the Lower Mainland. After three weeks of the Drive, over six boxes of electronics and batteries have been collected, in addition to large items such as heaters and printers. The Drive ends March 6, but battery recycling will continue via a receptacle in the school’s office where batteries will be regularly collected. Our Green Team is looking into how we can make the Drive a year-round program so that e-waste recycling is more accessible and convenient. Throughout the planning and execution of the Drive, our team gained insight into how we can combat the problem of improperly-disposed e-waste. Our members used a variety of resources, like Return-It’s educational videos, to learn more about how e-waste is recycled. On a more practical level, our team also came away with a better understanding of how to execute and promote a successful recycling program, and we hope we can use these skills in all of our future projects.
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