Project H2O

Team Hydro

Pitt River Middle School
  • Grade 7
Video Project (1 video)

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Essay Brent A, Zohaib A, Ilsi Z, Aeeham R. What inspired us to act? It was the suffering of every sea animal, choking in plastic, where there are no homes for them, as the corpses of their families float in the sea, uncleaned. We wanted to spread a message that this happens every day and with our message we want to help stop it. Why is your project topic important? All sea life is dying, and if one sea creature goes extinct, it will affect the entire food chain. We couldn’t live without fish. What was the purpose and the goals of the project? To save all sea life. Because they are rapidly dying and they might go extinct which would lead to less food for animals who rely on fish for food so they can also go extinct then every animal would have less food at one point so we need fish so we need to do something. It’s a cycle. How much steps did we need to take? So much steps were needed for a 3-minute video. We must find time to be with each other and work together, build a plan, we had to edit things, find pictures and videos to fit in the video, we even had to find fitting music for our videos. Lots of effort and creativity was put in this project for science world. Did your BC Green Games project go past your classroom? Our BC Green Games project has surpassed beyond our classroom. Meetings and preparing at homes, as we edit all our photos into our video project while we film things in real life. How much challenges and obstacles did you find while doing this project? We faced lots of challenges, recording, finding time, editing, other projects but most importantly: each other. Trying to work together and coming up with something that we all agree on was a challenge. Are there any steps that go past after presenting your project? After submitting the project, I plan to upload this on my 7DaysOfPollution channel, it was a project for last year, they called it a passion project. Since the channel is based on pollution, I plan to upload it there. I also plan to post the link to it in some of my other private social media accounts, I want to promote this awareness video, it is important to me and all sea life that this message needs to be spread. How important is our project to the community? We are saving the food chain which is beneficial to humans and animals. Water is Life, take care of it.