Protecting and Preserving Pollinators

Greendale Green Team

Greendale Elementary
  • Grade 4
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This year our students at Greendale Elementary were focused on a sustainable way that we can promote local food consumption. For the past 5 years our whole school has planted a garden, and the students have eaten the vegetables grown, whatever was remaining was donated to a local shelter. We have spent some time learning about pollination and decided that we wanted to do something to protect and preserve pollinators. We collaborated with a local beekeeper to create designs on bee boxes that will house specially developed bees. The students have learned that, these bees can identity which house is theirs based on the colours and designs on them. We will be going to a local resident to see the bees once they have inhabited the boxes we have designed, and we will learn how to handle the bees in a safe way. The beekeepers will also be coming into our classrooms to present information about bees, and how they can survive in the wild. Knowing the difference between honeybees and wasps was a great learning opportunity for our students as we have many that are afraid or even allergic to wasps. Learning that bees play a vital role in our ability to grow and harvest food, and taking responsibility to help preserve these pollinators has helped our students grow an understanding of the importance of bees.