Ravine Keepers

Alexander Elementary Green Team

Alexander Elementary
  • Grade 4
  • Grade 5
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Julianne Pickerill Brenna Maag

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This year, the Alexander Elementary School Green Team has been focused upon the stewardship of our local ravine and forest (Ravine Park, Abbotsford.) As the Ravine Keepers, we have made a commitment to visit this special place and to remove litter at least twice a month. In addition to picking up garbage, we have been building our connection to the ravine by spending time in quiet solitude. During each visit, students find their own space and spend 20-30 minutes listening, reflecting, drawing and/or writing. While this was initially challenging for some students, it has become something that most really look forward to. We have also been working with Artist in Residence Brenna Maag who has been helping us to further deepen our connections by engaging us in a year long Landscape Art project. The art work and photography produced by our students has been a source of great pride!

Our ravine has a reputation for being unsafe and, as such, it is avoided by many local families. It is our hope that in serving as Ravine Keepers, and by developing personal connections to this precious urban forest, more families will be drawn to discover it. We believe that in working towards a cleaner and safer space, all park users will be encouraged towards a greater respect for this environment.